The steps you need to take to Promote Compliance in the Workplace

Robust compliance enables you to avoid legal liabilities while improving your organization’s effectiveness. And many already have strong compliance policies in place.

The construction industry is poised for substantial growth, with revenues of £404.13bn in 2024. However, this upsurge is not without its hurdles. Contractors, both large and small, may be gearing up to grow their teams, but navigating workforce compliance can be a daunting shadow over this potential growth.

Effective workforce management involves a delicate balance of legal compliance, operational efficiency, employee satisfaction and financial responsibility, which can prove challenging for many businesses. With business owners often consumed by the daily grind, any tool or service that can alleviate the burden of administrative tasks and guarantee compliance is helpful and a game-changer. It frees up precious time and energy, allowing them to focus on growth and innovation.

The good news is that technology is on hand to help. The MyIndigo platform has been launched to simplify and streamline the process of managing a compliant workforce. With a focus on efficiency, transparency and ease of use, MyIndigo offers a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. Indigo Group has put together a simple, practical guide that highlights how technology and expert knowledge can combine to help hard-working contractors manage workforce compliance:

Make it easy from the start. Simplify the registration and onboarding process for contractors and workers. A dedicated team ensures a smooth transition to the MyIndigo platform, allowing you to stay updated, access registration profiles, verify right-to-work details and check compliance status. Indigo partners with a certified DIAFT (Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework) provider to deliver a secure, streamlined and convenient onboarding experience.

Stay on top of compliance with automated in-system messages and alerts. You can relax knowing you’ll be promptly notified when compliance issues arise. Additionally, notifications from Indigo will alert you when contract remittance and payment notices have been accepted, ensuring seamless communication.