An apprentice could be the future of your workforce!

SGS College have been delivering construction apprenticeships for over 10 years and offer one of the widest range of apprenticeships in the South West.
The Bristol based College has become a hub of excellence in the delivery of apprenticeship programmes, and helps employers boost their workforce with young and enthusiastic employees whilst aidinglearners to improve career prospects by becoming professionally qualified in their chosen industry.
Not only do they deliver the full apprenticeship programmes, both on site and in college, but they also assist employers with a free recruitment service to ensure that they get the right apprentices for their business.

The College has seen tremendous growth in apprenticeships over the last few years and as a result opened new workshops to facilitate the learner experience. Dedicated to the delivery of construction-based training, SGS Horizon is a direct response to the needs of the construction sector in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, including the growing demand for workers to fill skills shortages, the buoyant housing market and the interest in renewable energies and sustainable development. SGS Horizon will provide learners and employers with the flexible apprenticeship delivery they need to develop their organisations.

The 17,000 sq ft building features purpose-built workshops, classrooms and IT suites maximising the College’s ability to provide a streamlined approach to skills and knowledge development. Based within 1 mile of the College’s current Filton Campus, SGS Horizon is in an ideal location to ensure that apprentices will benefit from the open plan delivery space and the dedicated focus on their sector whilst having access to the College’s learning resource centre and student support functions.

Sarah Stephens-Lewis, Assistant Principal comments: “At SGS we support all employers and apprentices with our dedicated apprenticeship team providing advice and guidance throughout their journey. We ensure that apprentices develop essential transferable skills as well as the requirements of the standard to deliver well-rounded apprentices that excel within the workplace.”

“SGS College nurtures personal and social development through working with apprentices to upskill their problem solving, critical thinking and positive attitude to learning and employment, preparing them for their future career with high aspiration.

“We are all very proud to have a dedicated construction apprenticeship training centre whereby students have first class facilities to facilitate their learning and to train the next generation of industry professionals.”

To find out more, contact the Employer Engagement Team on

0800 0567 253