Building Plant News December 2020 - February 2021 42 Audi’s new hybrids mean Fleet savings without compromise There’s a misconception that hybrids equal compromises. In trying to do two things, they do neither very well. This kind of assumption leads some consumers to expect limitations: yes, they’re cost-effective, but does that come with a trade-off in design or performance? The answer is simple: no. Audi deliver both. It’s in our DNA, and at the very heart of Vorsprung durch Technik. Compromise is never an option. For Fleet Managers, this is an important consideration. You want cars that not only offer tangible benefits to your company, but exceptional performance and design as well. Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) present a way forward that balances the need to future- proof your fleet with practicality rooted in the here and now. They are pragmatic and cost-efficient, with tax rates that can save drivers thousands per vehicle each year. Our plug-in models already deliver everything our fleet partners expect: beguiling design, dynamic driving, superior comfort and performance that makes our cars’ efficiency all the more remarkable. Across our Q5, Q7 and Q8 families, our PHEV options prove that hybrid technology can underpin modern SUVs without sacrificing space or power. Plug-in versions of our A7 and A8 demonstrate that improved efficiency doesn’t inhibit the luxury of a high-tech executive car. Now we’re expanding our PHEV range further, giving fleet managers more choice than ever. With an electric range of up to 41 miles, multiple innovations in automotive R&D converge in the new Audi A3 TFSI e. This super- efficient hybrid offers the potential of zero local emissions for shorter journeys, along with minimal fuel costs and as low as 6% Benefit In Kind (BIK) for your business. That means it saves your business real money over time. But this car offers far more than value for money. When the combustion engine and electric motor work together, the A3 TFSI e produces a system output of 150kW. That equals quiet but exciting acceleration and immediate torque. It’s a sporty drive, whatever driving mode you select. From the driver’s seat, numerous Audi innovations are immediately apparent. The sweeping Virtual Cockpit behind the steering wheel comes as standard, as does the infotainment system. This boasts ten times the processing power of its predecessor, enabling intelligent navigation and 3D renders of European cities on the dashboard displays - a simple but essential companion to business trips in new cities. While driver assist functions take the stress out of the journey when that destination city is further afield. We are committed to creating desirable vehicles that reflect the prestige of your business. To that end, the A6 TFSI e is a new benchmark in plug-in luxury. It carries the space, technology and refinement you expect from the A6 family, but breaks new ground too, both in design and performance. With an electric range of up to 34 miles, quattro all-wheel drive gives the car a powerful and responsive presence on the road. A 2.0 TFSI petrol engine and 105kW electric motor combine for 299PS of system power. But it’s not just what’s underneath that matters: the A6 TFSI e is a striking vehicle, that exemplifies Audi’s hallmark aesthetics as much as our constant drive for innovation. Inside and out, you’ll find all the touches the most discerning members of your business would want from an executive saloon, including full LED headlights, twin touchscreens, heated front seats and four-zone climate control that utilises waste heat from the electrical drive components. All that with 10% BIK. Sensible economics and a desire to protect the future are a large part of what makes hybrid cars attractive. Combining that with advancements in both power and design are what makes a car an Audi. Where others may compromise, we always strive to innovate. That’s why partnering with us always means performance and style come hand-in-hand with cost- saving and sustainability for your business. And you can expect that across our entire range of plug-in saloons, SUVs and family cars, no matter what needs you have for your fleet.