10 Tips to make your Christmas Party a success

Christmas party season is almost upon us, so if you’re planning this year’s festivities, here are 10 tips to ensure your Christmas party is a roaring success. Make the most of the most wonderful time of year by planning a party that your guests will remember for years to come.

1. Plan Well In Advance
Planning as far ahead as possible is always advisable. It allows you to secure the venue you want and get good deals on food and drink. Your stress levels will also be dramatically lower. However, if you are planning later, just follow some of these tips and you’ll be fine.

2. Budget For The Party
Ensure that there is ample money available for Christmas office party expenses in your annual budgeting process. Carve out money to cover the cost of things like, venue, food, drinks, invitations, activities, decorations, gifts and transportation.

3. Choose The Perfect Venue
The old saying location, location, location – is so true. Think about the venue you want to use for your party and choose it carefully. Make sure it provides the vibe, resources and location that will make your party a success. For instance, a venue in the hip part of town that has exposure to other Christmas festivities will surely set the tone and atmosphere for your party.

4. Prepare the menu.
You don’t want your employees to remember this year’s office Christmas party as “the one with the terrible food.” So, make sure to coordinate with the caterer and pick a menu that everyone will appreciate. Consider the different food preferences of your employees. Ask around if there’s anyone who needs kosher or halal meat? Are there any vegetarians in the office? Make sure there’s something for everyone (aside from the wine, of course). For larger groups, a buffet would be ideal, as this enables people to eat at their own pace and come back for seconds. Drinks will be flowing, and people tend to get hungry again after drinking. You don’t want your employees heading out to another bar or restaurant just because you ran out of food.

5. Include Family
There are several advantages to including an employee’s family at the annual Christmas party. First it will make spouses and significant others feel like they are included. This simple gesture not only speaks to family members but ensures employees feel valued. Secondly, the mere presence of family members will help to minimize those inappropriate co-worker relationships.

6. Have a Christmas party theme.
Here’s your chance to get creative. Pick a theme that ties everything together, whether that’s ghosts of Christmas past or the elves of Christmas future. A theme helps boost the excitement for the party. You can even ask your employees to come in costume. If you chose a winter wonderland or white Christmas theme, then ask your employees to come in white! Perhaps you can also provide novelty hats or pins at the entrance which employees can wear during the event.

7. Speak to everyone
Use this as an opportunity to catch up with your team and those people you always say hi to in the lift. It’s a great way to network and build relationships you wouldn’t usually have the chance to.

8. Make it a social media free zone
Put your phone away for the night. You don’t know what you might put on social media and whether it’s good or bad, you don’t want to be embarrassed in the morning.

9. Don’t talk about work
You’ve been discussing work all week, it’s a cardinal rule, a Christmas party is a work-free zone! a buzz that will have everyone wishing they could win something next year.

10. Have an amazing time!
Finally, have a good time and allow yourself to let your hair down. You’ve worked hard all year so enjoy it!